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This creates mood and highlights differences
a) Color b) Proximity c) Balance d) Alignment
This helps your design to be consistent and look the same throughout
a) Font/Text b) Color c) Repetition d) Visual Literacy
Visual Literacy is
a) the ability to read a picture book b) the ability to illustrate a book c) the ability to read chapter books d) the ability make meaning from information presented in the form of an image. “Reading” pictures
Use this to help create a theme in your publication
a) Balance b) Font/Text c) Contrast d) Color
Consideration of weight and importance, a way to compare the right and the left side of the design
a) Balance b) Color c) Proximity d) Alignment
Lining objects along the same line - left, right, center, top, middle, and bottom
a) Font/Text b) Proximity c) Repetition d) Alignment
The use of light and dark colors to make elements stick out
a) Balalnce b) Repetition c) Contrast d) Proximity
Grouping items together to create organization
a) Proximity b) Balance c) Repetition d) Contrast
Do not use more of these in a publication
a) Objects b) Repetition c) Color d) Paragraphs
Center and type your text in all capital letters
a) True b) False c) d)
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