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What is the exchange of genetic material between two homologous chromosomes?
a) mutagenesis b) fertilization c) hybridization d) crossing over
What is the probability that a couple will have a boy?
a) 0% b) 100% c) 50% d) 25%
Crossing over results in
a) genetic recombination b) phenotype replication c) male genotype d) female genotype
The transfer of male pollen grain to a female plant organ is
a) zygote b) pollination c) recombination d) sexual reproduction
What do you use to predict the possible genotypes of offspring
a) law of dominance b) test cross c) law of segregation d) punnett square
What is the female gamete
a) egg b) dominant c) zygote d) sperm
Describe the genotype Bb
a) Heterozygous b) all of the above c) inbreed d) Homozygous
Cells that contain two alleles are called
a) gametes b) sperm c) diploid d) haploid
During Meiosis, the factors that control each trait separate, and only one factor from each pair is passed to the offspring is described as Mendel's
a) Law of segregation b) test cross c) punnett square d) Law of independent assortment
The passing on of traits is
a) sexual reproduction b) heredity c) genetics d) inbreeding
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