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What term describes the amount of space between the letters of a text element?
a) Tracking b) Leading c) Type Space d) Canning
What design concept follows the basic principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
a) Gestalt b) Totalization c) Unity d) Bezier
Which file format supports transparency?
a) JPG b) BMP c) PNG d) TIFF
What are the two most common graphic formats on the web?
a) PNG and JPG b) JPG and DOC c) GIF and JPG d) PNG and GIF
Which color mode is used for projects shown on a screen?
a) RGB b) CMYK c) Grayscale d) Indexed
Which design element can be positive or negative?
a) Shape b) Color c) Value d) Space
Which type of font looks like hand written letters?
a) Serif b) Sans Serif c) Script d) Decorative
What is the scientific name for the way a line curves in Illustrator?
a) Bezier Curve b) S Curve c) Hyperbola Curve d) Standard Curve
What term describes the amount of space between lines of text?
a) Tracking b) Kerning c) Letter Spacing d) Leading
What design guideline proposes that an image should be divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed where the lines intersect?
a) Symmetrical Balance b) Rule of Thirds c) Project Harmony d) Rule of lines
What type of graphics are resolution independent?
a) Bitmap b) Vector c) Raster d) Indexed
What type of balance can be split down the center and be the same on both sides of the axis?
a) Symmetrical b) Asymmetrical c) Radial d) Dynamic
What term describes how many pixels per inch are in an image?
a) Resolution b) Color Depth c) Color Mode d) Pixel Grid
Which color mode is used for printed projects?
a) RGB b) CMYK c) Grayscale d) Indexed
Which type of font has small flags at the end of it's lines which make it easy to read.
a) Serif b) Sans Serif c) Script d) Decorative
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