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Where was Mansa Musa headed on his pilgrimage?
a) Jerusalem b) Mecca c) Cairo d) Timbuktu
What is the largest desert in the world?
a) Sahara b) Gobi c) Mojave d) Khalahari
For which region of Africa do we know the least?
a) West Africa b) East Africa c) Egypt d) Sub-Saharan
The African climate is mostly....
a) Dry and Hot b) Hot and moist c) Temperate d) Extreme cold
What did the Bantu spread throughout their travels in Africa?
a) Knowledge of metal-working b) Language c) Culture d) All of these
What was the most logical reason for the migration of the Bantu?
a) Search for new language b) Search for better farmland c) Search for gold and salt d) The Bantu were unable to migrate
What was the first kingdom to base its wealth on salt and gold?
a) Mali b) Ghana c) Songhai d) Aksum
Which of the following was a rainforest kingdom?
a) Benin b) Kilwa c) Aksum d) Timbuktu
Who was the very powerful leader of the kingdom of Mali?
a) Mansa Musa b) Mecca c) Alexander d) Kilwa
What type of religions was followed by the rainforest kingdoms?
a) Islam b) A series of polytheistic religions c) Hinduism d) Christianity
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