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Mammals are
a) warm-blooded b) cold-blooded c) no correct answer given d)
People can eat some mollusks
a) true b) false c) no correct answer given d)
Cartilage is a hard, bony structure
a) true b) no correct answer given c) false d)
Sharks have a swim bladder
a) true b) false c) no correct answer given d)
The simplest of all invertebrates live in
a) dirt b) sand c) water d) school
An animal that at sometime in its life had a nerve cord running down its back
a) chordate b) incordate c) jellyfish d) squid
A hard outer covering for an invertebrate
a) endoskeleton b) vertebrate c) chordate d) exoskeleton
An animal without a backbone
a) vertebrate b) invertebrate c) mammal d) reptile
An animal with a backbone
a) invertebrate b) worm c) vertebrate d) porifera
An internal supporting skeleton for a vertebrate
a) endoskeleton b) exoskeleton c) both given answers are correct d) no correct answer given
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