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This part of the brain is important for pain and touch sensation, spatial orientation, and integration of sensory information.
a) frontal lobe b) occipital lobe c) parietal lobe d) brain stem
The _________ is important for posture, balance, and memory of automated functions like walking.
a) cerebellum b) brain stem c) parietal lobe d) temporal lobe
Vision is impaired if there is damage to this part of the brain.
a) occipital lobe b) temporal lobe c) cerebellum d) parietal lobe
Which part of the brain controls reflexes and involuntary actions like breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure?
a) cerebrum b) cerebellum c) temporal lobe d) brain stem
The ___________ fills up most of the skull and is divided into lobes.
a) brainstem b) cerebellum c) cerebrum d) frontal lobe
Which lobe of the brain is responsible for judgement, personality, and impulse control.
a) frontal lobe b) occipital lobe c) parietal lobe d) temporal lobe
This division of the nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord
a) autonomic nervous system b) peripheral nervous system c) central nervous system d) somatic nervous system
The ________ is the control center of the body.
a) neuron b) brain c) cerebrum d) heart
The nervous system specializes in _________________.
a) blood flow b) metabolism c) communication d) immunity
A ___________ is the signal conducting cell of the nervous system.
a) neuron b) brain c) myelin d) cerebellum
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