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matter that is not shiny, and does not conduct heat or electricity
a) metal b) physical property c) nonmetal d) metalloid
matter with a shiny surface which conduct heat and electricity well
a) nonmetal b) metal c) physical property d) metalloid
characteristic that can be observed, using the five senses, without changing or trying to change the composition of a substance
a) metalloid b) nonmetal c) metal d) physical property
A way to measure the volume of a solid by placing it in a known amount of liquid
a) density b) overflow can c) luster d) displacement
a container used for holding water during a water displacement activity; used for measuring the volume of an object by putting it in the water
a) ductility b) overflow can c) malleability d) luster
a property of a mineral that describes how light is reflected from its surface
a) ductility b) malleability c) brittle d) luster
the amount of mass in a known volume of an object or substance; mass per unit of volume
a) luster b) melleability c) density d) ductility
capable of being drawn out into wire or thread
a) conductivity b) ductility c) malleability d) brittle
easily broken, cracked, or snapped
a) brittle b) conductivity c) malleability d) physical property
property of matter that describes the ease with which it can be hammered, forged, pressed, or rolled into thin sheets
a) conductivity b) malleability c) metal d) nonmetal
The ability to transmit heat, electricity, or sound
a) metalloid b) nonmetal c) metal d) conductivity
matter that shares some properties with metals and nonmetals
a) physical property b) metal c) metalloid d) nonmetal
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