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How is Odysseus able to listen safely to the Sirens’ song?
a) Athena makes the Sirens appear ugly to him. b) He eats a lotus flower, rendering him unable to swim to the Sirens’ island. c) He has his men bind him to the ship’s mast. d) He isn’t; he plugs his ears with wax as the ship passes the Sirens’ island.
Eurycleia recognizes Odysseus based on what distinguishing feature?
a) His cunning b) A scar on his leg c) His voice d) His kindness
Menelaus is king of which city?
a) Pylos b) Argos c) Athens d) Sparta
Who has an affair with Eurymachus?
a) Melantho b) Helen c) Circe d) Athena
Who first finds Odysseus on the island of Scheria?
a) Telemachus b) King Alcinous c) Circe d) Nausicaa
Who is Argos?
a) The master of the winds b) Penelope’s chief suitor c) The Cyclops d) Odysseus’s old dog
Which plant makes the sailors forget their desire to return home?
a) Lotus b) Poppy c) Hemlock d) Lethe-root
How does Athena disguise herself to make preparations for Telemachus’s journey?
a) as a beggar b) as Antinous c) as Mentor d)
In Penelope’s archery contest, through how many axes must Odysseus fire his arrow?
a) 2 b) 8 c) 12 d) 30
Who begs Odysseus to bury him?
a) Laertes b) Polyphemus c) Elpenor d) Achilles
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