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What role does the cell wall play in the cell?
a) Protects the cell and gives it structure b) Stores the food and waste c) The same as the membrane d) organelles
Nucleus' Function:
a) Power House b) Brain c) Hallway d) Storage
The ___ is covered with a membrane that allowes materials to pass in and out. Sometimes called the ____ envelope.
a) Nucleous b) Cell c) Vacuole d) Nucleus
The ___ is the storage area of the cell.
a) Vacuole b) Nuclear Membrane c) ER d) Lysosome
The ____ is a series of tunnels throughout the cytoplasm.
a) Nuclear Enverope b) Lysosomes c) ER d) Ribosomes
Animal Cells are mostly ___
a) Round b) Flat c) d)
The ___ make proteins
a) Lysosomes b) Ribosomes c) ER d) Chloroplasts
The lysosomes ______________________
a) Are the hallways in the cell b) Complete Photosynthesis c) Store waste d) Clean up and break down
Chloroplasts convert ______ into ______ and are _____
a) Nuclear energy, sugar, green b) Solar energy, sugar, blue c) Solar energy, sugar, green d) Sloar energy, light, green
The golgi bodies __________________
a) Package and send materials b) Store waste c) are also known as centrioles d) Break down toxins
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