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Who introduced (or popularized) the separatist movements as a means of dealing with Civil Rights challenges for African-Americans?
a) Marcus Garvey b) WEB DuBois c) Booker T. Washington d) Fredrick Douglas
What was the significance of the Keating-Owen Act?
a) It was the first piece of Congressional legistlation to be overturned by the Supreme Court. b) It effectively ended child labor in the United States. c) It provided a measure of federal enforcement for the 18th Amendment. d) It drastically reduced import tariffs in the United States.
Which was NOT a major political reform of the Progressive Era?
a) Direct Primaries b) Referendums c) City Manager Systems d) Impeachment
Both the Hepburn and Elkins Act expanded the federal governments ability to regulate what industry?
a) Banking b) Meat Packing c) Railroad d) Communications
Which individual was most instrumental in establishing a Conservation movement in America?
a) Alfred T. Mahan b) Robert La Follette c) Eugene Debs d) John Muir
Which of the following territories did the United States NOT acquire in the Treaty of Paris (1898)?
a) Puerto Rico b) Cuba c) Guam d) The Philippines
Which of the following establised the United States right to ensure the Americas were 'stable, orderly, and prosperous?'
a) Roosevelt Corollary b) Open Door Note c) Platt Amendment d) Teller Amendment
What was the Bull Moose Party?
a) A new political party established by Eugene Debs to promote the goals of laborers and urban poor. b) A third-party arising due to the need to promote American Imperialist policies. c) Offshoot of the Republican Party whose supporters sought to elect the more Progressive Theodore Rooosevelt. d) The new political party of the Progressive Era solely devoted to Conservation efforts.
Which of the following was NOT part of Woodrow Wilson's 'New Nationalism' program?
a) Federal Trade Commission b) Clayton Anti-Trust Act c) Pure Food and Drug Act d) Federal Reserve Act
Which of the following correctly connects the Amendment to its major concept?
a) 18th Amendment - Graduated Income Tax b) 16th Amendment - Prohibition c) 17th Amendment - Presidential Term Limits d) 19th Amendment - Womens Suffrage
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