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The cow was _____________ with a hot iron poker.
a) resourceful b) veins c) branded d) lullaby
There are ____________ returning blood to our heart from all over our bodies
a) veins b) resourceful c) branded d) lullaby
_____________ other peoples' things can get your in big trouble with the police.
a) Daintily b) Constructed c) Lullaby d) Thieving
Don't step in the _________! It will ruin your shoes!
a) pitch b) daintily c) devastation d) resourceful
Boy scouts tend to be very _____________. They are able to find food and start a campfire out in the wild.
a) devastation b) daintily c) resourceful d) thieving
Hurricane Katrina caused mass __________ in the New Orleans area.
a) constructed b) destruction c) daintily d) pitch
I sang a _________ for the baby and she screamed even louder!
a) lullaby b) veins c) thieving d) branded
The ballerina twirled ________ across the stage and then fell into the orchestra.
a) constructed b) daintily c) branded d) veins
My dad and I ____________ a monorail set from my old lego blocks.
a) devastation b) branded c) resourceful d) constructed
That ____________ dumped over our garbage cans again! He's such a pain!
a) veins b) varmit c) branded d) t-rex
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