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A person, place, thing, or idea is called a
a) a noun b) verb c) pronoun d)
An example of a noun is
a) quickly b) play c) chair d)
The word cloud is an example of a common or proper noun
a) common b) proper c) d)
A word that show action or being is called a
a) verb b) pronoun1 c) noun d)
An example of a verb is
a) bed b) floor c) sing d)
Identify the ver in this sentence. The girl rode the horse.
a) horse b) girl c) rode d)
Idenfity the vrb in this sentence. Edward is cold.
a) is b) cold c) Edward d)
A pronoun replaces a
a) adjective b) noun c) verb d)
An exaple of a pronoun is
a) kick b) Blake c) he d)
A makes the meaning of a noun or pronoun more specific by describing it.
a) adjective b) interjection c) adverb d)
A makes the meaning of a verb, adjective, or another more specific by describing it.
a) interjection b) adjective c) adverb d)
Identify the adjective in this sentence. The tall athlete ran three miles.
a) athlete b) tall c) ran d)
Identify the adverb in this sentence. Wilson sat silently watching the movie.
a) silently b) Wilson c) sat d)
A joins words or word groups together
a) interjection b) conjunction c) prepositon d)
A shows the relationship in time and space between things.
a) preopostion b) interjection c) conjunction d)
A shows excitement or emotion.
a) interjection b) conjunction c) prepostion d)
Withou a compromise, they will no go on a trip this weekend. Which word is the prepostion?
a) trip b) this c) on d)
My brother loves fishing, but his wife thinks it is boring. Good grief! AWhat words are the interjection?
a) on b) but c) Good Grief d)
My brother loves fishing, but his wife does not. Which word is the conjunction?
a) but b) Good Grief c) on d)
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