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Maslow's thinking wasn't original
a) true b) false c) d)
Maslow's ideas have been criticized for their lack of scientific rigor
a) true b) false c) d)
Maslow came to conclude that self-actualization was not an automatic outcome of satisfying the other human needs
a) true b) false c) d)
Maslow did not use he term metamotivation to describe self actualized people who are driven by innate forces beyond their basic needs, so that they may explore and reach their full human potential.46
a) true b) false c) d)
which one of these characteristics are NOT one of the following?
a) Necessity: inevitability: it must be just that way, not changed in any slightest way b) Richness: differentiation, complexity, intricacy, totality c) Truth: honest, reality, beauty, pure, clean and unadulterated completeness d) dishonest: differentiation, complexity
Which best describes the hierarchy of needs?
a) hen a human being ascends the levels of the hierarchy having fulfilled the needs in the hierarchy b) fixed and rigid sequence of progression c) none of the following d) a pressing need would need to be mostly satisfied before someone would give their attention to the next highest need
Humanistic psychologists believe that every person has a strong desire to realize his or her full potential, to reach a level of self-actualization.
a) false b) true c) d)
What theory was he best known for?
a) creating a theory that explains the developmental stages of an indivisulal b) creating Maslow's hierarchy of needs c) creating Maslow's hierarchy of development d) none of the above
Maslow was classified as mentally unstable
a) true b) false c) d)
Who is Abraham Maslow?
a) psychologist who was best known for creating Maslow's hierarchy of needs, a theory of psychological health predicated on fulf b) A doctor who created a cure for cancer c) a teacher, who was really great at math d) a bug exterminator
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