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According to the marketing concept, which option shows company commitment?
a) Leaving marketing to the marketing department b) Teaching marketing to college marketing students c) Setting aside funds to research what customers want d) Pricing a product to maximize profitability per item
Paul's plant food is losing its popularity among his customer base. What marketing function would come up with the improved product?
a) Channel management b) Product/Service management c) Selling d) Promotion
What is the marketing function that provides information to consumers that will assist them in making a decision to purchase a good or service?
a) pricing b) promotion c) production d) distribution
What is the overall reason that marketing strategies are designed and implemented?
a) Improving management techniques b) Achieving planned goals c) Changing the image of the business d) Increasing business profits immediately
Which is a pre-sale opportunity for salespeople to provide customer service?
a) Providing ample product information b) Shipping and delivery c) Maintenance and repair d) Technical assistance and support
What does a salesperson need to do to be successful in selling?
a) Always attempt to sell related merchandise b) Ask management to limit the number of brands c) Describe the disadvantages of competing brands d) Learn the features unique to the brands s/he sells
Booking hotel rooms for vacationers is an example of __________ marketing.
a) feature b) service c) benefit d) sports
What is at the center of all marketing activities?
a) math b) technological know-how c) purchasing d) communication
What does applying the customer-orientation element of the marketing concept enable the business to do?
a) Offer products that consumers want to buy b) Persuade customers to buy its products c) Provide more products than consumers need d) Coordinate its marketing activities
What type of duties do customer-service professionals often perform?
a) preparing ads b) paying invoices c) hankling complaints d) receiving shipmnets
By increasing awareness of the need for environmental controls, what has marketing done?
a) Made buying more convenient b) Regulated the standard of living c) Improved the quality of life d) Added usefulness to products
What does the selling function involve that makes it so important?
a) Setting high prices b) Displaying products c) Contacting customers d) Obtaining feedback from vendors
Which market segment do customers in cold climates who need snow shovels and snow blowers represent?
a) geographic b) psychographic c) behavioral d) occupational
Which market segment do customers that prefer reasonably priced recreational activities that include a variety represent?
a) geographic b) psychographic c) behavioral d) occupational
What marketing career involves determining why customers do what they do?
a) Advertising b) Distribution/Warehousing c) Sales d) Marketing research
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