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The worship of many gods
a) ziggurat b) barter system c) cuneiform d) polytheism
A skilled craftsworker
a) polytheism b) artisan c) scribe d) ziggurat
A group of many different lands under one ruler
a) empire b) city-state c) irrigate d) barter system
A grand temple with a shrine at the top
a) artisan b) polytheism c) ziggurat d) irrigate
To build dams, channels, canals, and ditches to bring water to crops
a) irrigate b) empire c) barter system d) artisan
A record keeper who could become a government official
a) scribe b) ziggurat c) artisan d) polytheism
A form of writing developed by the people of Sumer
a) scribe b) artisan c) irrigate d) cuneiform
A system of trade where one item is exchanged for another
a) cuneiform b) ziggurat c) barter system d) empire
A complex society
a) empire b) civilization c) city-state d) ziggurat
A city and the surrounding land
a) ziggurat b) irrigate c) city-state d) polytheism
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