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This organelle is in both plant and animal cells but it has a different structure in each type of cell.
a) nucleus b) mitochondria c) chloroplast d) vacuole
The part of a cell that would be similar to a furnace in a house is
a) cytoplasm b) mitochondria c) vacuole d) chloroplast
Which statement is correct?
a) All cells are eukaryotic. b) Bacteria are eukaryotic. c) Prokaryotic cells are complex with many organelles. d) Human cells are eukaryotic.
This organelle is found in both plant and animal cells.
a) chromosomes b) cell wall c) mitochondria d) chloroplast
This organelle enables photosynthesis to occur in plant cells.
a) cell wall b) chloroplast c) mitochondria d) nucleus
The bean shaped organelle with a double membrane is the
a) mitochondria b) vacuole c) chloroplast d) cytoplasm
The structure of a plant cell vacuole is
a) small, round, many in a cell b) large, oblong shape, many in a cell c) small, oblong shape, one in a cell d) large, oblong shape, one in a cell
The organelle that releases energy for the cell is the
a) vacuole b) cell membrane c) mitochondria d) nucleus
A watery gel that surrounds organelles is the
a) mitochondria b) cell wall c) cytoplasm d) lysosomes
The organelle that controls what enters and exits the cell is the
a) vacuole b) cytoplasm c) chloroplast d) cell membrane
The structure of the nucleus is
a) to control the cell b) round, large, contains chromosomes, surrounded by nuclear membrane c) round, small, contains chromosomes d) all of the above
Which organelles are only found in plant cells?
a) cell membrane and chlorophyll b) cell wall and chloroplast c) cell membrane and vacuole d) cell wall and chlorophyll
The shape of plant cells can be described as
a) round b) triangular c) rectangular d) any shape
Which of the following describes cells?
a) they reproduce, they are alive, they can be single or multi-celled b) they need oxygen, water, and nutrients to survive c) they can be prokaryotic or eukaryotic d) all describe cells
Eukaryotic cells can be described as
a) true nucleus with DNA and membrane bound organelles b) true nucleus with few membrane bound organelles c) free floating DNA and many organelles d) cells from the animal, plant, protist, and bacteria kingdoms
Prokaryotic cells can be described as
a) complex cells with many organelles b) bacteria and protists c) simple cells with few organelles d) DNA is in a true nucleus
Which of the following is part of the cell theory?
a) Like atoms, cells make up living and nonliving things. b) All cells look the same. c) Cells can be created from anything. d) Cells are the basic unit of life.
This organelle contains a chemical enabling photosynthesis to occur
a) chloroform b) chloroplast c) chlorofight d) chlorophyll
The outer most layer in a plant cell is the
a) cytoplasm b) nuclear membrane c) cell membrane d) cell wall
The organelle that stores food, water, and waste is the
a) vacuole b) chloroplast c) mitochondria d) none of the above
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