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When you follow a worker on his job for several dayss in order to learn what it would be like to work in a particular field, you are
a) internship b) job shadowing c) interavctive d) simulation
An activity that you participate in which is outside of your regular school activities is referred to as
a) cocurricular b) job shadowing c) internship d) extracurricular
A(n) ________________ is a computer based application that is designed to teach a specific skill.
a) tutorial b) simulation c) interactive d) graphics
You have created a series of slides of the habitat of bears; this is an example of
a) tutorial b) simulation c) presentation d) tutorial
When you create a computer based model of a real life situation, you have created a
a) presentation b) animation c) tutorial d) simulation
When written words, numbers, or symbols are used in multimedia, they are referred to as _______________.
a) media b) multimedia c) graphics d) text
Images such as drawings, charts, and photographs are all examples of
a) animation b) presentation c) text d) graphics
When you create a series of graphics and display them quickly on-screen, one after the other, in order to simulate movement, you have created
a) animation b) simulation c) tutorial d) interactive
When the user participates in multimedia, for example, by entering her name and address, this is referred to as ________________________ media.
a) multimedia b) interactive c) text d) animation
The process of using computer technology to integrate interactive elements such as text, animation, and video is referred to as
a) multimedia b) text c) interactive d) animation
Which of these statements best explains the difference between an internship and job shadowing?
a) An internship is part of the regular school curriculum, where job shadowing is extracurricular. b) Job shadowing is part of the regular school curriculum, whereas an internship is extracurricular. c) An internship involves actually working in a field, whereas job shadowing involves following a worker on the job for a short d) An job shadowi involves actually working in a field, whereas internship involves following a worker on the job for a short
Malia has an internship at a local advertising company. What type of extended learning activity is this?
a) service learning experience b) curricular experience c) extracurricular experience d) career-based learning experience
You are taking a class in school that teaches you how to create graphics on the computer. What is this class an example of?
a) service learning experience b) curricular experience c) career-based learning experience d) extracurricular experience
Which of these is the first question you should ask yourself when making a career decision?
a) What kind of activities and work do you enjoy? b) What kind of multimedia are you familiar with? c) What kind of service learning have you participated in? d) Do you cooperate well with others?
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