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The Swiss city-state of Geneva became a model of Protestant morality under the leadership of:
a) John Calvin b) Martin Luther c) Ulrich Zwingli d)
Anabaptists believed that infants should not be baptized because:
a) people are sinners from the moment they are born b) children must confess their sins before being baptized c) infants are too young to accept the Christian faith d)
Humanist scholars differed from medieval thinkers in that humanists:
a) rejected the learning of Greece and Rome b) used Latin as their language for scholarship c) tended to focus more on worldly subjects d)
The age of great change marked by renewed interest in classical learning and the arts is called the:
a) Industrial Revolution b) Middle Ages c) Renaissance d)
The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa were great works of art created by
a) Michelangelo Buonarroti b) Leonardo da Vinci c) Piero della Francesca d)
What changes did the Catholic Church make during the Catholic Reformation?
a) It stopped using the Inquisition to fight Protestantism b) It revised and updated many traditional Catholic beliefs c) It provided penalities for corruption among the clergy d)
Renaissance artists developed this technique to make art more realistic:
a) landscape painting b) perspective c) watercolor painting d)
One consequence of the Protestant Reformation was:
a) increased political control throughout Europe b) dislike for other religions c) expansion of the Catholic Church d)
Abuses in the Roman Catholic Church led to:
a) the Protestant Reformation b) the geocentric view of the universe c) the Inquisition d)
Which of the following contributed to the birth of the Renaissance in Italy?
a) a new translation of the Bible b) a wealthy and powerful merchant class c) the development of oil painting d)
John Calvin believed that the world was divided into:
a) Catholics and Christians b) Saints and sinners c) Huguenots and Protestants d)
What is one belief Luther held that differed from Catholic Church practices?
a) He believed Christians could be saved only by faith b) He believed the Church should sell more indulgences c) He opposed translating the Bible d)
Which of the following was NOT one of the effects of the invention of the printing press?
a) Books became cheaper b) Books were given only to priests c) People gained access to new ideas d)
In the scientific method, a hypothesis is a:
a) educated guess b) conclusion that should not be questioned c) truth that leads to understanding d)
Which of the following best explains why the Renaissance occurred in northern Europe later than it did in Italy?
a) There was little interest in the arts in northern Europe b) The Black Death delayed economic growth in northern Europe c) Few people were educated in northern Europe d)
Which was true of the Scientific Revolution?
a) All of its major ideas were old Greek and Roman ideas that had been forgotten b) It was led by the pope and the church to counter Protestant teachings c) It attempted to demonstrate that the workings of the universe could be explained by natural causes d)
What was one of Machiavelli's main teachings?
a) The end justifies the means b) Supported enlightened despots c) Believed the majority ruled d)
How did Leonardo da Vinci discover the workings of the body?
a) Took medical classes b) Studied the ancient works of Galen c) Dissected bodies d)
King Henry VIII wrote a letter to the pope in 1521 to express his dislike of Martin Luther's teachings. King Henry VIII:
a) does not support Martin Luther b) does support Martin Luther c) was looking to Germany for Reformation ideas d)
John Calvin believed in predestination - what is it?
a) That indulgences were a good idea b) That God had already determined who would be sinners and saints c) That he could read minds and predict the future d)
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