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the wise use and protection of natural resources
a) recycle b) conservation c) reuse d) disposal
materials converted into new products
a) disposal b) conservation c) reuse d) recycle
recovering items that would have been thrown away and finding another use for them
a) recycle b) reuse c) disposal d) conservation
The process of correctly throwing away or getting rid of something
a) recycle b) conservation c) reuse d) disposal
The smallest unit of an element that has all of the properties of that element
a) compound b) element c) atom d) molecule
force of attraction that holds together the atoms in a compound
a) chemical formula b) chemical bond c) chemical symbol d) compound
substance made up of two or more elements chemically combined
a) molecule b) atom c) element d) compound
an arrangement of elements in order of their atomic numbers
a) chemical formula b) chemical symbol c) periodic table d) elements
tells the kinds of atoms and how many of each kind are in a compound or molecule
a) chemical symbol b) chemical formula c) atom d) element
one- or two- letter code that stands for an element
a) atom b) chemical formula c) element d) chemical symbol
smallest particle of a substance that still has the properties of that substance
a) molecule b) atom c) element d) atom
substances that are the building blocks of all matter, made up of one kind of atom
a) molecule b) atom c) Element d) compound
The curved upper surface of a liquid column
a) reuse b) recycle c) meniscus d) conservation
Material Safety Data Sheet, a form with data regarding the properties of a particular substance
a) MSDS b) meniscus c) recycle d) element
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