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Which of these is an example of an ethnic group?
a) Arabs b) Muslims c) Christians d) Jews
Which of these is an example of a religious group?
a) Muslims b) Arabs c) Persians d) Kurds
Since Israel's literacy rate is high:
a) the standard of living is high b) the standard of living is low c) the population is high d) the population is low
In SW Asia, there is an abundance of oil and a scarcity of:
a) water b) natural gas c) coal d) petrochemicals
Most of the world's oil originates:
a) in the Persian Gulf b) near Israel c) in the Red Sea d) in western Turkey
High amounts of water pollution in the Middle East have led to:
a) lower amounts of water that are available b) higher amounts of water that are available c) lower amounts of oil that are available d) higher amounts of oil that are available
Most people in SW Asia live:
a) near water b) in Afghanistan c) near mountainous regions d) in tropical grasslands
Which religion split into 2 branches due to conflicts over who the religious leaders should be?
a) Islam b) Christianity c) Judaism d) Hinduism
Jews, Christians, and Muslims have the shared belief in:
a) monotheism b) Muhammad being a message of Allah c) polytheism d) Mecca being a holy land
Which of these religions did NOT originate in the Middle East?
a) Buddhism b) Islam c) Judaism d) Christianity
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