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The thoracic cavity is _________ to the abdominopelvic cavity.
a) Inferior b) Deep c) Superior d) Superficial
The two dorsal cavities are _______?
a) Spinal and crainal b) pelvic and thoracic c) abdominal and crainal d) abdominal and pelvic
The detrmines if a stimulus is within the set point
a) Receptor b) control center c) Effector d) Afector
The body is separated into left and right sides by the _____ plane.
a) saggital b) frontal c) transverse d)
The body is separated into front and back halves by the _____ plane.
a) sagittal b) frontal c) transverse d)
When you shake your head no, what plane are you moving in?
a) Sagittal b) frontal c) transverse d)
Which cavity is not protected by bones?
a) Cranial b) Thoracic c) Abdominal d) Spinal
What is an example of a positive feedback.
a) Blood clotting b) Temp regulation c) Insulin production d) Increased urine production
Which terms refer to the arm?
a) Femoral, popliteal, tarcal b) Occipital, oral, nasal c) Axillary, pelvic, umbilical d) Bracheal, cubetal, carpal
Which term does not belong
a) nasal b) sternal c) vertebral d) popliteal
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