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The central idea of a work:
a) Theme b) Tone c) Mood d)
Language that conveys certain ideas by saying/doing the opposite is:
a) Irony b) Pathos c) Dialogue d)
The author's attitude toward his/her subject:
a) Mood b) Tone c) Atmoshphere d)
A technique in which the author gives clues about something that will happen later in a story is:
a) Foreshadowing b) Foreshowing c) Flashbacks d)
A struggle within onself is known as:
a) Internal Conflict b) External Conflict c) d)
Jessica is angry at Max for stealing her sandwhich. Which type of conflict is this?
a) External b) Internal c) d)
She is beatiful. This sentence is an example of what type of characterization?
a) Direct b) Indirect c) d)
The term in which an author relies on STEAL to reveal a character trait?
a) Indirect Characterization b) Direct Characterization c) Characterization d) Plot
The method in which character traits are revealed in a story is through which of the following:
a) Characterization b) Character Activation c) Character Enhancement d) Character Method Prep
What is the setting of story?
a) Where the story takes place b) The main conflict c) The type of plot d) The ending of the story
What is an antagonist?
a) A major character who opposes the protaganist (main character) in a story or play. b) The main character in the story or play. c) A character who undergoes signifcant changes in a story or play. d) A character who ends up dead in a story or play.
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