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a) Imaginary lines that circle the Earth from pole to pole measuring distance east to west. b) c) d)
a) A way of showing the round Earth on a flat surface. b) c) d)
a) Imaginary lanes that circle parallel to the equator. b) c) d)
a) The set of believes behaviors and traits shared by a group of people. b) c) d)
a) The movement of people from one place to settle in another place. b) c) d)
Resource Map
a) Uses pictures to show where resources are b) c) d)
Climate map
a) Climate zones b) c) d)
Political Map
a) A map that shows the name and borders of the countries b) c) d)
Population Map
a) Shows population density b) c) d)
Physical Map
a) A map that shows land and water features b) c) d)
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