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When used to separate mixtures, which of the following procedures relies on differences in particle size?
a) atraction to a magnet b) distillation c) evaporation d) filtration
Physical means can be used to separate
a) elements b) pure substances c) mixtures d) compounds
Pure substances can be
a) elements b) compounds c) mixtures d) both elements and compounds
The alloy brass is an example of a(n)
a) element b) compound c) heterogenous mixture d) homogeneous mixture
Two features that characterize matter are
a) mass and velocity b) weight and velocity c) mass and volume d) weight and volume
The ratio of an object's mass to its volume is its
a) molecular weight b) density c) number of atoms d) amount of substance
A chemical change occurs when
a) dissolved minerals solidify to form a crystal b) ethanol is purified through distallation c) salt deposits form from evaporated seawater d) a leaf changes color
Which is not a homogenous mixture?
a) corn oil b) salsa c) dissolved sugar water d) cranberry juice
Characteristic properties of a solid are:
a) definite shape, indefinite volume b) indefinite shape, indefinite volume c) definite shape, definite volume d) indefinite shape, definite volume
An example of a pure substance is
a) salt b) tap water c) apple juice d) chicken noodle soup
The state of matter that can fill a room or fit in ajar is
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
Which of the following observations does not indicate that a chemical change has occured?
a) change of state b) formation of precipitate c) absorption of energy d) release of a gas
The scientific method is a
a) series of exact steps b) theory c) strategy for drawing sound conclusions d) lengthy experiment
A statement or mathematical equation that describes a fact or relationship found in the universe
a) law b) theory c) assumption d) hypothesis
A theory is an accepted explaination of an observed phenomenon until
a) one study conflicts with theory b) repeated data and observation conflict with the theory c) scientists disagree about the methods used to gather the data d) an eminent scientist feel that the theory is inadequate
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