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When there is conflict between or within societies, what is the result?
a) change b) arrests c) fighting d) murders
Which of the following affects a society's economy, culture, and development?
a) location b) paper c) business d) agriculture
Production, distribution and consumption of goods/services produced by the society are affected by which of the following?
a) location, customs, beliefs, and laws b) location and laws c) customs and beliefs d) beliefs and laws
How are humans, their society, and environments related?
a) they all affect each other b) they do not affect each other c) society is not affected by envirionments d) environments are only affected by humans
What is a product of the religion, beliefs, customs, traditions, and government of a society?
a) culture b) conflict c) habitat d) federation
What happens to the government when a society increases in complexity when it interacts with other societies?
a) the government complexity increases as well b) the governmetn complexity does not change c) the government elects a president d) the government decreases in complexity
Even though things change over time, is there continuity to the basic structure of a society?
a) Yes b) No c) I don't know d) Not enough information
Which country had problems with acid rain?
a) Germany b) United Kingdom c) Ukraine d) Finland
Which country had problems with a nuclear powerplant explosion?
a) Chernobyl, Ukraine b) Chernobyl, United Kingdom c) Chernobyl, Germany d) Chernobyl, America
Which country had problems with air polution?
a) United Kingdom b) Russia c) Ukraine d) Germany
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