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sudden; unexpected; broken into what is expected
a) abrupt b) bankrupt c) corruptible d) erupt
to be out of money; financially ruined; to: break the bank
a) bankrupt b) corrupt c) interrupt d) disrupt
evil; dishonest; to break away from honesty
a) corrupt b) corruptible c) disruption d) interruption
able to be influenced into doing something that breaks away from the rules; able to become bad
a) corruptible b) disrupt c) erupt d) rupture
to break up; to cause confusion
a) disrupt b) disruption c) interrupt d) abrupt
something that breaks someone's concentration; bothersome; annoying
a) disruption b) erupt c) interruption d) bankrupt
to explode; to break out with force
a) erupt b) interrupt c) rupture d) corrupt
something that breaks up what you were doing; an unplanned event that breaks up an activity
a) interruption b) rupture c) bankrupt d) disrupt
to break into someone's conversation
a) interrupt b) interruption c) abrupt d) corruptible
to burst or break open (usually a body part)
a) rupture b) abrupt c) corrupt d) disruption
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