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to speak against; to say the opposite
a) contradict b) dictator c) dictionary d) edict
what is written down as someone says it
a) dictation b) diction c) dictum d) indictment
a leader who speaks and rules with total power
a) dictator b) dictionary c) edict d) predict
the manner in which something is expressed in words (written or spoken)
a) diction b) dictum c) indictment d) verdict
a reference book in which spoken or written words are defined
a) dictionary b) edict c) predict d) contradict
a judge's ruling or statement
a) dictum b) indictment c) verdict d) dictation
public words issued by an official that explain a law or command
a) edict b) predict c) contradict d) dictator
formal words spoken or written by a jury that charge a person with a crime
a) indictment b) verdict c) dictation d) diction
to say what will happen before it occurs
a) predict b) contradict c) dictator d) dictionary
the decision a jury makes in a trial; the decision said by the jury
a) verdict b) dictation c) diction d) dictum
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