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to feel sad; to feel thrown down in spirit
a) dejected b) injection c) jettison d) projector
to throw out
a) eject b) interjection c) projectile d) reject
a shot; the "throwing" of medicine into the body by a needle
a) injection b) jettison c) projector d) subject
a word thrown into a sentence or conversation
a) interjection b) projectile c) reject d) trajectory
to throw goods overboard to lighten the load on a boat or an airplane
a) jettison b) projector c) subject d) dejected
an object thrown into the air with great force
a) projectile b) reject c) trajectory d) eject
a machine that throws an image onto a wall
a) projector b) subject c) dejected d) injection
to throw something out because it's defective and can't be used again
a) reject b) trajectory c) eject d) interjection
to throw oneself under someone else's rule
a) subject b) dejected c) injection d) jettison
the curved path of an object thrown into space
a) trajectory b) eject c) interjection d) jettison
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