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Conduction is the transfer of heat energy by
a) movement of particles in a liquid or gas b) differences in density c) molecular contact (touching) d) strong ultraviolet rays
During what process of energy exchange does cold air displace warmer air?
a) radiation b) convection c) conduction d) absorption
What method of energy transfer requires no medium (particles) for transfer?
a) conduction b) convection c) radiation d) absorption
The process by which air flows from one location in the atmosphere to another is called
a) Conduction b) Convection c) Raidation d) Absorption
Which action would help an air-conditioner use less energy on a hot, sunny summer day?
a) turning on lights and heat-producing appliances b) replacing light-colored roofing with dark-colored roofing c) opening curtains and blinds d) adding insulation in the walls and ceiling
Primary method of energy transfer by which the Earth loses energy to outer space is called
a) radiation b) convection c) conduction d) absorption
By which process do light rays pass through window glass?
a) Conduction b) Convection c) Radiation d) Absorption
To expand and contract means to
a) get bigger and get smaller b) to get smaller and get bigger c) they mean the same thing d)
Thermal energy
a) is the average amount of motion in particles within matter b) is the total amount of heat being produced c) is the total amount of motion in particles within matter d)
The best example of an conductor would be
a) plastic water bottle b) house key c) wooden spoon d) oven mitt
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