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Which of these consumers is an herbivore?
a) leopard b) deer c) snake d) owl
In an energy pyramid, which level has the most available energy?
a) third-level consumer level b) second-level consumer level c) firs-level consumer level d) producer level
The step in the water cycle in which water vapor becomes liquid water is
a) nitrogen fixation b) condensation c) recycling d) precipitation
The first organism in a food chain is always a
a) consumer b) carnivore c) producer d) herbivore
What do producers release as a result of photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide b) nitrogen c) hydrogen d) oxygen
an insect being carried down a river on a floating leaf is an example of
a) dispersal b) a desert biome c) biogeography d) recycling
a large variety of plants grows in tropical rain forest because
a) many insects live there b) it has very good soil c) the forest floor is very dark d) it is warm, humid, and rainy
Another type of grassland is a(n)
a) savanna b) desert c) tundra d) rainforest
These are two types of decomposers
a) bacteria and insects b) fungi and insects c) bacteria and fungi d) insects and plants
The desert biome receives less than _____ centimeters of rain a year.
a) 30 b) 25 c) 15 d) 20
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