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_______she eating?
a) Are b) Am c) Is d) Be
_______day is it?
a) Can b) What c) When d) Is
_________is wrong?
a) When b) Did c) Are d) What
_______they blue?
a) Are b) Is c) Am d) What
_______they have paper?
a) Don't b) Does c) Did d) Do
______I use the bathroom?
a) Can b) Which c) May d) Please
________one? The chocolate cake or the white cake?
a) Which b) What c) Who d) Can
_______I speak to Sam, please?
a) Is b) Are c) What d) May
________today Monday?
a) Is b) Are c) Am d) Isn't
_______is your last name?
a) Which b) What c) Can d) Do
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