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____________ do you live?
a) What b) Where c) Why d) When
___________old are you?
a) When b) How c) What d) Who
_______much are the scissors?
a) Who b) When c) Which d) How
______ you ride a bike?
a) How b) Who c) What d) Can
_______ is he?
a) What b) Who c) When d) Can
_________are they doing?
a) Where b) When c) What d) Why
_______are you from?
a) When b) Where c) What d) Who
_______time is it?
a) Where b) What c) When d) How
________he have tape?
a) Do b) Did c) Does d) Doesn't
______you have a cold?
a) Do b) Doesn't c) Don't d) Does
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