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The relationship between Current, Voltage and Resistance is explained by:
a) Newton's Law b) Tesla's Law of Electrostatics c) Edison's Law of Illumination d) Ohm's Law
The flow of electrons in a circuit is called:
a) resistance b) current c) voltage d)
The opposition to the flow of electrons is known as:
a) resistance b) current c) voltage d)
The force (potential difference) that drives electrons along in a circuit is called:
a) resistance b) current c) voltage d)
Resistance is measured in:
a) amps b) volts c) ohms d)
What is the voltage in a circuit with a current of 1.5 amps and a resistance of 9 ohms?
a) 13.5 v b) 6 v c) ,17 v d)
Which of the following would increase the strength of an electromagnet?
a) Increase the size of the core. b) Increase the number of turns of the coil. c) Increase the amount of current. d) All of these.
Dropping a magnet causes the domains to come out of alignment and takes away from its magnetic properties.
a) True b) False c) d)
In magnets:
a) like poles attract each other. b) like poles repel each other. c) d)
An open circuit:
a) allows electrons to flow freely. b) does not allow electrons to flow. c) d)
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