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Organisms that make their own food (for energy)
a) producer b) food chain c) decomposer d) comsumer
Organisms that eat other organisms for energy
a) consumers b) food chain c) decomposers d) producers
Organisms that make their own food
a) autotroph b) food chain c) decomposers d) heterotroph
Organisms that cannot make their own food
a) heterotroph b) food chain c) producer d) autotroph
Organisms that break down dead organisms
a) decomposers b) food chain c) comsumers d) producers
That path that energy takes / the flow of energy
a) food chain b) decomposer c) heterotroph d) autotroph
Examples are flowers, trees, grass, fruit, vegetables
a) producers b) decomposers c) consumers d) heterotrophs
A diagram that shows who eats whom
a) food chain b) heterotroph c) autotroph d) decomposer
Examples include: owl, mouse, humans
a) heterotroph b) autotroph c) decomposer d) food chain
Examples include: fungi, bacteria, worms
a) decomposers b) autotroph c) food chain d) consumers
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