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If you disagree with the denial of a request for coverage of health care servics or payment for services you already received.
a) Appeal b) c) d)
An amount you may be required to pay as your share of the cost of medical services.
a) Coinsurance b) c) d)
A person who provides services that doesnt need the skills of a licensed nurse or therapist, such as help with personal care; ie bathing, dressing, etc.
a) b) Home Health Aide c) d)
Services, supplies, or drugs that are needed for the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of your medical conditin and meet accepted standars of medical practice.
a) medically Necessary b) c) d)
A provider or facility with which we have not arranged to coordinate or provide covered services to members of our plan
a) Out of Network/Facility b) c) d)
Care provided to treat a non-emergency, unforeseen medical illness, injury, or condition, that requires immediate medical care.
a) Urgently Needed Care b) c) d)
An entity that operates exclusively for the purpose of furnishing outpatient surgical services to patients not requiring hospitalization and whose expected stay in the center does
a) Ambulatory Surgical Center b) c) d)
An amounty you may be required to pay as your share of the cost for a medical service or supply.
a) Copayment b) c) d)
Certain medical equipment that is ordered by your doctor for use at home: walkers, wheelchairs, etc
a) Durable Medical Equipment (DME) b) c) d)
Medicare Suppement Insurance sold to fill "gaps" in Originial Medicare
a) Medigap b) c) d)
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