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What molecules must a plant obtain in order to conduct photosynthesis?
a) Sugar and Oxygen b) Water and Carbon Dioxide c) Fertilizer d) Dirt
Which of the following can be responsible for pollinating flowers?
a) Birds b) Insects c) Wind d) All the aboce
Bacteria and Fungi are both considered
a) Predators b) Prey c) Funny little organisms d) Decomposers
What triggers the beginning of germination?
a) Light b) Warm Temperatures c) Water d) Mrs. King
What part of the flower can sometimes develop into a fruit?
a) Ovule b) Petal c) Ovary d) Fruits are weird and I would rather not think about them at all.
Bacteria are used for
a) Medical Industry b) Food Industry c) Farming Industry d) All the above
The male part of the flower consists of
a) anther and filament b) stigma, style, and ovary c) don't be silly flowers.... don't serve a purpose d) Stems
What part of the seed stores food for the plant young plant to grow?
a) Seed Coat b) Water c) Cotyledon d) Seeds don't grow....have you seen my experiment?
Protists can be classified as
a) Single or Multi Celled b) Predators c) Prey d) These funny little creatures are not actually real
The major function of leaves is to
a) Store food b) Make food c) Look Pretty d) I am unfamiliar with this word....leaves??
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