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Although farming is important in Ireland, which employs more people and contributes most to the country's economy today?
a) manufacturing b) fishing c) mining d) horse racing
Which of these is not part of the United Kingdom?
a) Scotland b) Wales c) the Republic of Ireland d) Northern Ireland
The British Isles include the United Kingdom and
a) Northern Ireland b) the Republic of Ireland c) Scotland d) Wales
In the United Kingdom, the government leader is
a) the queen or king b) the president c) the leader of the House of Lords d) the Prime Minister
Ireland's two official languages are
a) Gaelic and English b) French and English c) Gaelic and German d) Welsh and English
The capital of the United Kingdom is
a) London b) Dublin c) Belfast d) Edinbrough
The Industrial Revolution began in
a) America b) England c) Ireland d) France
The industry which employs most of the United Kingdom's people is
a) farming b) electronics c) manufacturing d) service industries
Which is a true statement about the Republic of Ireland?
a) Fishing empoys more people than farming. b) Agriculture employs more people than manufacturing. c) Manufacturing employs more people than farming. d) Mining is the leading employment of Ireland's people.
Which body of water is not near the British Isles?
a) Atlantic Ocean b) North Sea c) Irish Sea d) Mediterranean Sea
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