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The standard that deals with controlling expenses that ultimately effect profit or loss is called:
a) Time b) Quantity c) Cost d) Quality
The difference between current performance and the standard is called:
a) Change b) Variance c) Standard d) Affiliation
The two types of product research are:
a) Internal and External b) Scientific and Real c) Pure and Applied d) Internet and Encyclopedia
An extended product is a product that:
a) Is in its simplest form b) Includes additional features that are not part of the physical product but increases its usability c) Offers different options and features for the consumer d)
One way to control costs is to offer employees health and wellness benefits.
a) True b) False c) d)
Medicare and Social Security are benefits required by law.
a) True b) False c) d)
Telemarketing is:
a) A salesperson going door-to-door to sell their product b) Using television to sell a company’s product c) Using the telephone to market a company’s product d)
Hiring an employee with the right skills for the opening is the first step to a successful hire.
a) True b) False c) d)
A factor that may contribute to an employee’s productivity and willingness to stay with the company is pay and environment.
a) True b) False c) d)
Employees are generally all motivated by similar needs.
a) True b) False c) d)
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