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When a halogen reacts with a metal, what is formed?
a) a salt b) a compound c) a nonmetal d) an electron
Which of the follwowing is a property of all alkali metals?
a) They are very reactive b) They are so hard they cannot be cut c) They are easily stored in water d) They have few uses
What are the left-to-right rows on the periodic table?
a) periods b) families c) properties d) groups
How many of the recently discovered elements follow periodic law?
a) all the elements b) none of the answers given are correct c) every eighth elements d) half of the elements
How would you describe most metals?
a) They can be drawn into thin wires b) They are easily shattered c) They are dull d) They are bad conductors of electricity
Mendeleev's pattern repeated after how many elements?
a) every seven elements b) every three elements c) every five elements d) every two elements
How did Mendeleev group the elements?
a) by increasing atomic mass b) by density c) by melting point d) by appearance
What are most of the elements in the periodic table?
a) metals b) metalloids c) precious metals d) nonmetals
what helps light bulbs last longer?
a) argon b) neon c) oxygen d) xenon
What is another name for a metalloid?
a) semiconductor b) mendelevium c) noble gases d) californium
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