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Which president's popularity with the common man, changed politics?
a) Martin Van Buren b) Andrew Jackson c) John Quincy Adams d) William Henry Harrison
Some Southerners wanted to break away from the United States, or to
a) nullify b) caucus c) secede d) expand
The network of escape routes out of the South for enslaved people was the
a) Escape Network b) Slave Network c) Underground Railroad d) Southern Escape Route
The admission of Missouri as a slave state was controversial in the Senate because
a) the Senate was proslavery b) it would create sectionalism c) it would upset the balance d) the Senate was antislavery
Southerners justified secession with the theory of
a) constitutional rights b) federal rights c) the Union's errors d) states' rights
The 1860 presidential candidate whose name did not appear on the ballot in most Southern states was
a) Abraham Lincoln b) John Breckinridge c) John Bell d) Stephen A. Douglas
On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the
a) Free Slave Bill b) Fourteenth Amendment c) Emancipation Proclamation d) Thirteenth Amendment
Appomattox Court House is famous because it is the site of
a) a bloody battle b) Union headquarters c) Confederate headquarters d) Robert E. Lee's surrender
Republicans in Congress easily overrode Johnson's vetoes and took charge of Reconstruction during
a) Radical Reconstruction b) Restoration c) Congressional Reconstruction d) Radical Rebuilding
What transformed the stagnant economy of the South into a prosperous, robust economy?
a) tobacco b) rice c) cotton d) sugarcane
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