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The relative age of a rock
a) compares the age to another b) is less than the absolute age c) is an exact number d) is based on carbon-14 daing
Younger rock layers on top and older on the bottom best describes
a) law of superposition b) relative age c) absolute age d) rock dating
Fossils that were widely distributed but only live during a short period of time are
a) index fossils b) trace fossils c) petrified fossils d) carbon fossils
The amount of time it takes for half of the radioactive atoms in a sample to decay is known as
a) half-life b) full-life c) absolute age d) relative age
If you start with 200 atoms, how many remain after 2 half-lives?
a) 50 atoms b) 100 atoms c) 25 atoms d) 200 atoms
Intrusions are
a) younger than the layers around it b) older than the layers around it c) the same age as the layers around it d) are the oldest
Foot prints, burrows, and paw prints are an example of
a) trace fossils b) index fossils c) superpostion d) migration fossils
If you ended up with 10 atoms after 3 half-lives, how many did you begin with?
a) 80 atoms b) 30 atoms c) 1.25 atoms d) 10 atoms
If you started with 100 atoms and ended with 12.5 atoms, how many half-lives occured?
a) 3 b) 2 c) 1 d) 4
If you started with 500 atoms, how many do you have left after 1 half-life?
a) 250 atoms b) 100 atoms c) 500 atoms d) 400 atoms
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