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What are rocks made of?
a) one or more minerals b) grass and water c) egg shells d) wood and fire
Which type of rock can be formed by heat?
a) slate b) shell c) igneous d) sandstone
How may sedimentary rocks be formed?
a) by the pressing together of salt under the earth b) magma cooling c) digging d) by the pressing together of sediment under the earth
What main group of rock can be formed from rock which has undergone a change?
a) metamophic b) chalk c) pumice d) sedimentary
A shiny, black igneous rock form which Indians made arrowheads
a) shale b) obsidian c) slate d) cliff
Beautiful metamorphic rock from which the Lincoln Memorial is made
a) marble b) diamond c) seashell d) granite
igneous rock from which most of the earth's crust under the continents is made
a) granite b) diamonds c) sea salt d) soil
Sedimentary rock that can be used for writing & the metamorphic rock that is written on
a) chalk & obsidian b) chalk and sandstone c) Slate and granite d) Chalk & Slate
Sedementary rock made from mud
a) slate b) shale c) obsidian d) marble
Igneous rock that floats
a) pumice b) ice c) diamonds d) salt
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