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Which best describes the Old Testament?
a) Teaches about the faith prior to the birth of Jesus b) Teaches about Jesus' life c) Is found after the Gospels in the bible. d) Is not important to read and understand
Which of the following is not considered the heart of the Gospels?
a) Birth of Jesus b) Death of Jesus c) Passion of Jesus d) Resurrection of Jesus
What type of Gospel writing is a longer sermon given by Jesus
a) Preaching b) Parable c) Resurrection story d) Miracle
Jesus healing the leper is an example of
a) a miracle b) preaching c) parable d) short saying
A story told by Jesus with a lesson is known as a
a) parable b) short saying c) miracle d) preaching
Which best describes a purpose of Luke's Gospel?
a) Teaching that Jesus is for all people b) Teaching that Jesus is only for the rich c) Teaching about Moses and the 10 commandments d) Teaching about the prophet Isaiah
Love God with your whole heart and your neighbor as yourself is known as
a) The Greatest Commandment b) The 15 Commandment c) Preaching d) Virtues
Writing about the future that gives hope is known as
a) Apocalyptic writing b) Epistles c) Torah d) Gospels
What is the main purpose of the Catholic Letters?
a) Teach of good works and good deeds b) Teach about Jesus' life c) Teach about the 10 Commandments d) Teach about parables
What does the word Catholic mean?
a) Universal b) One who is sent c) Giver of the good news d) Letter
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