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What happened to all the continents by the close of the Paleozoic era
a) They fused into Pangea b) They split in half c) They formed Gondwanda d) The moved toward the poles
In early Paleozoic era, life was restricted to the
a) seas b) air c) continents d) islands
What improtant event in animal evolution marks the beginning of the Cambrian eon
a) the appearance of hard parts b) the ability to fly c) the ability to swim d) the appearance of fossils
What event may have triggered the great Paleozoic extinctions?
a) meteorite strike b) climatic change c) change in Earth's orbit d) heightened solar activity
What animals dominated the Mesozoic era
a) dinosaurs b) fish c) mammals d) amphibian
One group of reptiles, characterized by the fossil Archaipteryx, led to the evolution of __________.
a) birds b) dinosaurs c) mammals d) cephalopods
What likely contributed to the extinction tht marks the end of the Mesozoic Era?
a) a meteoric collision b) global warming c) an ice age d) none of the answers are correct
How are mammals distinct from reptiles
a) Mammals have body hair b) Mammals have lungs c) Mammals lay eggs d) Mammals are coldblooded
What principle states that physical, biological and chemical processes we observe today have also operated in the geologic past
a) uniformitarianism b) cross cutting c) horizontality d) unconformity
Fossils rarely preserve the _________ parts of animals because scavengers often eat them and bacteria decompose them
a) soft b) hard c) bone d) dorsal
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