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Who was the Roman Emperor that legalized and encouraged the spread of Christianity?
a) Nero b) Constantine c) Diocletian d) Domitian
Who was a terrible emperor known for his savage ways and having no regard for the Senate?
a) Marcus Aurelius b) Julius Caesar c) Commodus d) Diocletian
Who divided the Roman Empire into two halves to make it easier to rule?
a) Diocletian b) Julius Caesar c) Romulus Augustulus d) Caesar Augustus
Which of the following is a reason for the fall of the Roman Empire?
a) All of them b) Empire grew too big c) Corrupt rulers d) Mercenary Armies
What is an economic situation in which more money circulates, but the money has less value?
a) Depression b) Inflation c) Recession d) Microeconomics
What was the new capital of the Roman empire called?
a) Byzantium b) Carthage c) Syracuse d) None of them
What did Constantine change the name of the capital of Rome to?
a) Athens b) Syracuse c) Istanbul d) Constantinople
Who was the last emperor of Rome?
a) Julius Caesar b) Romulus Augustulus c) Constantine d) Victorious
What was a group that invaded and sacked Rome?
a) Both of them b) Visigoths c) Vandals d) None of them
Which year did the Roman Empire end?
a) 476 AD b) 410 AD c) 1543 AD d) It is not agreed upon...it is opinion!
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