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Plantlike protists are known as
a) algae b) lichen c) protists d) hyphae
Footlike cytoplasmic extensions are called
a) pseudopods b) cilia c) budding d) spore
Threadlike structures extending from the cell membrane are called
a) cilia b) hyphae c) spore d) pseudopods
The reproductive cell of fungi is called a
a) spore b) protist c) lichen d) hyphae
A form of reproduction used by yeast in which the organism grows off the side of the parent
a) budding b) protozoans c) cilia d) spore
Organisms made of fungi, green algae, or cyanobacteria
a) lichen b) protozoan c) protist d) algae
A mass of threadlike tubes that make up a fungus
a) hyphae b) spore c) cilia d) pseudopods
Eukaryotic organisms that are plantlike, animal-like, or funguslike are consisted to be
a) protists b) algae c) protozoans d) sporozoa
Some species of ____________ algae can live up to 200 meters deep in the ocean.
a) red b) brown c) green d) golden
______________________ move about and feed using footlike extensions of cytoplasm
a) Amoebas b) Paramecia c) Proterspongia d) Slime Molds
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