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what is the name of the organism we are studying?
a) rotifer b) paramecium c) flea d) daphnia
what organ is on the back of the organism and contracts very fast?
a) heart b) brain c) intestine d) eye
what does LD50 stand for?
a) low dose of 50% of the sample b) lethal dose where 50% of the experimental population dies c) lethal dose where 50 grams of the chemical kills d) loco death of 50% of the population
how do you make a 1% solution of alcohol for the experiment?
a) 99 drops of water, 1 drop of alcohol b) 99 drops of alcohol, one drop of water c) 5mL of water 1 mL of alcohol d) 5mL of alcohol, 1 mL of water
when measuring heart rate in daphnia, for how much time you count the beats?
a) 15 seconds b) 60 seconds c) 25 seconds d) 10 seconds
alcohol causes the heart rate to ?
a) increase b) decrease c) no change d) makes it stronger
where did we collected the specimens?
a) the ocean b) the seasonal pond outside the school c) a lake d) flash flood
what safety equipment did we use?
a) goggles b) lab apron c) gloves d) safety shower
how many trials did you do for each treatment?
a) 3 trials b) 1 trial c) 30 trials d) 10 eowiieew
a) jnojn; b) ihbihb c) ihbihb d) jihbi
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