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What sport did Rorke play in college?
a) lacrosse b) football c) chearleading d) water polo
What is Rorke's younger brothers name?
a) Nate b) Tom c) Joe d) Willie
What is his first part of joining the seals?
a) BUD/S b) Leaving c) going to war d) receiving the trident
What does BUD/S stand for?
a) Basic Underwater Demolition/ Seal b) Bill Under Seven c) BUS d) None of the above
Who awards Rorke his trident?
a) Father War b) Obama c) Nate d) MIke
Who is Tracy?
a) A girl he met at a bar b) His sister c) His roommate d) His mom
What is HAHO stand for?
a) High Altitude High Opening b) Hi Awesome Hide Open c) Hand And Heart Operation d) His Aunt Hopes Often
What does SEAL stand for?
a) SEa Air Land b) An animal c) A ball d) A code name
What is the weapon Rorke likes using?
a) His buddies M14 b) His M4 c) The .50 cal d) A pistol
What movie does he star in?
a) Act of Valor b) Hero c) Iron Man d) Hangover
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