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Holds the nucleus together
a) weak force b) gamma force c) strong force d) quark force
the splitting of the nucleus
a) fission b) fusion c) chain reaction d) curling
the time it takes for half the nucleus to decay
a) halflife b) radiation c) quarter life d) big bang theory
radiation that normally occurs
a) alpha b) beta c) gamma d) background
alpha particles can be dangerous if
a) inhaled into lungs b) eaten c) consumed in water d) all of these
Power plant in russia that exploded
a) Fukishima b) Alamogordo c) Three mile island d) Chernobyl
distance traveled by an object per unit of time
a) gravity b) speed c) momentum d) accleration
a change in position due to a frame of reference
a) motion b) momentum c) acceleration d) gravity
the speed on your speedometer is
a) instantaneous b) constant c) average d) velocity
acceleration is speed and
a) mass b) displacement c) time d) direction
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