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Kandahar is Afghanistan's
a) Second largest city b) Largest city c) Second smallest city d) Smallest city
What is mainly sold in the markets of Kandahar?
a) Tomatoes b) Carrots c) Eggplant d) Bell peppers
In which yeear did they start letting girls go to school in Kandahar?
a) 2000 b) 1993 c) 1986 d) 1997
Kandahar has...
a) Not let women teach until the year 2000 b) Never been the capital c) Never been bombed d) Never allowed sports
Kandahar is located in what region of Afghanistan?
a) Southwestern platueau b) Southwestn desert c) Northwestern woodlands d) Northeastern grasslands
Mazari-Shareefl is...
a) One of the poorest cities b) The capital c) The city with the most money d) The largest city
What are the two most popular sports in Mazari-Shareefl?
a) Soccer and wrestling b) Baseball and dancing c) Soccer and basketball d) Hockey and softball
What does Denver, Colorado have in common with Mazari-Shareefl, Afghanistan?
a) They both have mountains b) They both have snow leopards c) They are both the poorest city d) They both have had schools for girls for over 50 years
What is the difference between Mazari-Shareefl, Afghanistand and Denver, Colorado?
a) Denver is not poor b) Mazari-Shareefl doesn't have wrestling c) Mazari-Shareefl doesn't play soccer d) Denver doesn't play baseball
What does Denver, Colorado and Mazari-Shareeflt Afghanistan have in common?
a) Both have cars b) Both have snow leopards c) Both have little money d) Both have been destroyed by Indians
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